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Diagnose Your Own Requirements With Our Free Assessment

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NW-003The Qualico team have added a useful diagnostic tool to our website, www.qualico.co.uk. This will help you identify the type of assistance you need and enable us to provide competitively priced proposals to help you conform with standards, train your personnel or perform audits on your behalf.

Qualico’s Nigel Wickens is keeping abreast of developments to the principle international management system standard, ISO 9001 that will result in important changes in 2015. Nigel is finalising an update seminar and will also write an auditor transition course when the criteria are known.

Although some organisations are already offering update seminars, Nigel feels this is premature and that any time and money spent attending these events will be better spent once the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) is published. This is expected in July 2015. Once published in September 2015 there will be a three year transition period in which to conform to the new requirements and achieve certification. Certification to ISO 9001:2008 will cease to be valid three years after the publication date of the new version.

The new standard will place greater emphasis on the role and importance of auditing. More knowledge regarding risk and business processes will need to be added to traditional procedure based auditing. The need for audits to be used in driving improvement and ensuring compliance with standards and regulations will mean additional time and resources being assigned to meet requirements. In a world of rapidly increasing and changing legislation, the auditor will be in the vanguard of protecting the business.

We shall keep you up to date and notify you of Qualico’s events when they are available. Look out for our special guests! These blogs and our website will also hold a flow of useful information about developments in the revision to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which will become an international standard with the number ISO 45001.

Our 2 minutes assessment is FREE and will provide an instant indicative report on the status of your management system arrangements and requirements.

You will be able to diagnose your need for assistance to implement or revise your system, perform audits and train auditors.

You will be presented with a series of questions to which you are asked to respond as honestly as you can. The whole thing takes under 2 minutes.


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