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9001 draft revisions – do you need ISO auditor training?

ISO Auditor Training.

At Qualico, one of our core services is the provision of ISO auditor training for businesses across the UK.

The International Standards Organisation recently announced that ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems is progressing through its revision stages – as it does every five years to ensure it remains a useful tool. We feel this is a good time to highlight the relevance of ISO auditor training and internal auditor training courses.

Whilst we’re keeping abreast of the current revision process for ISO 9001, it’s worth remembering that at the Committee Draft stage there is still potential for many changes before the Final Draft is approved and issued.

The revision period for ISO 9001 is nominally every five years, but the actual period can be greater.

We’ll be advising clients and arranging seminars once the Final Draft stage is reached.

If your company is considering ISO auditor training, or updating your in-house knowledge with an internal auditor training course, we advise that a good time to do this is when revisions to ISO 9001 are underway, to maintain awareness and ensure continued conformity.

Maintaining certification to ISO 9001 is a critical consideration for many organisations. Qualico can help ensure you are working with a Certification Body suitable for your needs.

If you’d like to find out more about ISO auditor training, internal auditor training courses, integrated management system auditor training, and advice on Certification Body selection for ISO 9001 certification, please contact us here.

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