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ISO: 14001 revision moves a step closer to completion

ISO move a step closer

As experts in providing ISO auditor training, integrated management system auditor training, and internal and supplier EMS audits, at Qualico we’ve been keeping a close eye on the developments of the latest ISO: 14001.

We noted recently that the revised edition of the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems has moved a step closer to completion, with an agreement being reached on the draft text for the next round of consultation.

The International Organisation for Standardization’s (ISO) working group responsible for revising the ISO: 14001 met in early October, and an agreement was established to circulate the draft text by the end of October 2013 to all national standards Bodies, for a three-month-long commenting and balloting period.

Commenting after the meeting, Martin Baxter, IEMA’s Executive Director – Policy, and one of the UK’s representatives on the working group, said:

“The latest ISO working group meeting bought significant progress on addressing risks and opportunities, including those relating to external environmental conditions that can impact on organisations. Requirements relating to control and influence across the value chain were also further developed.”

The EMS standard is being revised in line with a new, high-level structure for all management systems adopted by ISO, and a series of wide-ranging recommendations from ISO’s EMS Future Challenges report.

Key changes in the revised draft standard include:

The revised standard is currently scheduled for publication in the first half of 2015, and at Qualico we focus on the following services that can assist here:

Qualico maintain awareness of the revision process, and provide information to clients as appropriate – find out more here.

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