ISO Auditing

Qualico’s auditors are professionally qualified and experienced in performing internal and supplier (vendor) audits against international standards, legislation, company specific and other audit criteria.

A professionally performed audit will identify conformity or nonconformity against requirements, the effectiveness of processes in delivering desired outputs/objectives and opportunities for improvement.

Auditing Services

We undertake internal (1st party) and supplier (2nd party) audits.

Our expert, professional auditors deliver detailed audits against audit criteria and to an audit scope you determine. You will receive a full audit report, including any nonconformities and observations. Where agreed in advance, we will provide guidance regarding corrective actions and opportunities for improvement.

The duration of Qualico audits are determined by you based on your needs and priorities, but where sufficient time and depth has been undertaken to permit a full and credible audit against a recognised standard, a certificate of conformity assessment valid for one year will be issued.

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