In a world of new politics, we need a new type of Assurance: Monitor the true HeartBeat of your organisation

Heartbeat Audit and Certification

Heartbeat is a new and different approach to risk control and assurance.

Developed and delivered solely by Qualico, Heartbeat is an integrated management system specification that focusses on the things that really matter to you in your own organisation and your supply chain.

Of course, management system standards have been around for a long time and they are generally serving their purpose well, but here at Qualico we have listened to users and recognised the need for something different, something that concentrates effort and resources on points of potential failure and delivers real confidence to customers and other business partners that risks are understood and under control.

Users told us at Qualico that while the direction of well-known management system standards is okay for some organisations, they are not necessarily what many organisations really want for their own assurance purposes and the assurance they need in their supply chain. The Heartbeat Assurance Specification fulfils the need for confidence that risks are under control.

Also, the time has now come to put the major disciplines of management systems into one specification. Heartbeat requires users to demonstrate control over risks related to product and service conformity, other customer requirements, environmental impacts, health and safety hazards and security of information. At last a truly integrated assurance specification for you and your supply chain.

The audit process is straight forward. You will need to obtain the Heartbeat Assurance Specification from the Qualico website, Upon your enquiry we will provide you with a quotation for Heartbeat Audit and Certification. A Qualico Auditor will undertake a Pre-audit Visit to ensure you have understood everything and that you will be able to demonstrate implementation of all the requirements. We will then undertake the full Certification Audit. When all matters arising from the report are addressed we will issue you with Heartbeat Certification valid for one year. In subsequent years we will perform an Annual Audit which, providing nothing much has changed, will be of half the duration of the Certification Audit. If all is still under control we will issue a certificate for another year.

The Qualico Heartbeat Audit and Certification promise is for a robust and challenging, but fair audit, delivered with independence and impartiality.

How strong is your heartbeat? Find out with Heartbeat Audit and Certification from Qualico.