Integrated Management Systems Auditing

As organisations utilise more formal management system standards the option to perform separate audits exists, but more effective use of time and resource can be achieved by adopting integrated audits. This course caters for new auditors as well as advancing the capability and competence of those who previously attended training for individual management system auditor training.

Two day Integrated Management System Auditing in the principal management system standards quality, environmental and health and safety following the recognised internal audit process guidance contained in the international standard ISO 19011.

Using the four phases of an audit, preparation, performance, reporting and follow up, you develop the ability to take an holistic approach to identifying, prioritising and auditing risk, then perform valued audits and effectively communicate findings, including good nonconformity writing.

A variety of learning methods are used to support tutorials, including exercises and  workshops.

Internal audits are a requirement of all management system standards. They are used to determine conformity with the management system requirements, establish effectiveness of processes in achieving objectives and seek opportunity for improvement.

Subjects include:

  • The audit process
  • Analysing processes based on the process model
  • Identifying and prioritising risk using process mapping
  • Preparing integrated audit checklists
  • Interview techniques
  • Evaluation of evidence
  • Nonconformity writing
  • Auditee correction and corrective action

Who should attend:

  • Personnel intending to perform integrated internal audits
  • Auditors wishing to achieve extend their competence
  • Those with experience of auditing in one discipline wishing to extend their expertise into another
  • Managers appointed to obtain and maintain multiple third party certifications

Course outcomes:

  • Understanding the purpose and benefits of integrated internal auditing
  • The process and method of integrated internal auditing
  • Understanding risk based auditing
  • Knowledge of the role of internal audits in maintaining and improving management systems
  • Performing effective integrated internal audits in support of multiple third party certifications
  • Auditing with confidence

Course dates and locations:

Please contact us for dates. Available in-company.

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