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Your certificates may cease to be valid


Certification to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 expires in September 2018. Your certificates will cease to be valid if you do not transition to the 2015 standards by that date. All of Qualico’s existing clients have used our expertise and been successful in transferring their certification to the new standards. If you are a bit behind in meeting the new requirements and need some help call us now.

We recently launched the “Heartbeat Assurance Specification”, a new, integrated and refreshing approach to management system and risk control. Purchase the Specification and contact Qualico to obtain guidance for its use in your organisation and your supply chain.

At some time, most of us involved in implementing, maintaining and auditing management systems encounter barriers, frustration and other difficulties often caused by Top Management amongst other colleagues. Here at Qualico we have long term and in depth knowledge and experience of these issues, which is why we offer “Qualicoach” as a new service. “Qualicoach” listens, questions, challenges and helps you create your path to a better place for achieving your objectives. “Qualicoach” – somebody to talk to.

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